City apartments, Manchester

  • Planting plan for courtyard roof garden © Cass Associates

  • Illustration of planting in courtyard roof garden.

  • Planting plan of shared main street © Cass Associates

  • Developing ideas for planters along shared main street

  • Planting within planters

City apartments, Manchester

SBLD collaborated with Cass Associates to develop the planting scheme for a shared pedestrian and vehicular street and private roof garden for a proposed new apartment building within inner city Manchester.

In the public realm, a series of tear drop planters along the main shared street contain an exuberant mixture of herbaceous perennials, bulbs and shrubs with mature multi-stemmed shrubs as vertical accents. The complementary plant mixes echo’s Piet Oudolf style with additional evergreen elements for seasonal interest, creating a dynamic colourful main street throughout the year.

The same planting palette flows through to the forecourt of an existing hotel with a grid layout tying to the existing design.

The private courtyard roof garden planting, calm in character, echoes the natural wooded glades, with copses of cream stemmed birches, hedges and an evergreen mosaic of ground cover.

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