Private garden, Somerset

  • Liverpool garden designer Sally Bower designed this wildflower meadow and pond with stepping stones

    Garden looking towards house

  • Garden designer, Sally Bower, created wonderful patio space

    Breakfast patio area

  • Cohesive garden design of pergola leading onto patio area by Liverpool based design studio.

    Pergola leading down to breakfast patio

  • View across pond

Private garden, Somerset

The brief for this garden was to create a wildlife woodland garden, centring around a large new pond and meadow. The garden slopes up as you move away from the cottage. The design took the water theme from the upper patio area at the top of the garden via a rill and the large pond to the lower breakfast patio next to the house. The layout, whilst appear organic, picks up on the orientation of the house and existing summer house – so that it seamlessly ties together.

As it has matured the garden has achieved its aims of providing multiple places to sit and socialise with paths to explore the garden through wooded areas, stepping stones and a wildflower meadow.

Completed in 2004.