Quilters garden, Liverpool

Quilters garden, Liverpool

The clients asked me to create a conceptual design for their overgrown Victorian garden. Inspired by their passion for artistic quilting, the scheme echoes modern quilt patterns and the warp & weft weave of fabric to create interlocking spaces and forms. The garden layout formed three distinct interconnected areas

  • A central patio immersed within a geometric structure defined by topiary and complemented by looser informal planting
  • Woodland glade area at the back of the garden around some mature popular trees. 
  • Raised beds for cut flowers and growing some fruit and herbs.

Water connects the three areas, from an upper pond in the woodland glade to bubble fountain by the main patio via a dry stream bed.

Client review on Google:

‘We commissioned a sketch plan which was fabulous - it practically dealt with the garden in front of us, and our limited budget, and also took a wonderfully creative approach so that the design is inspired by our other interests and passions.’