St Michael’s Garden, Liverpool

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  • Sections through the gardens

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St Michael’s Garden, Liverpool

This project is the transformation of external landscape around St Michael’s in the City, working closely with its church community to create new community gardens.

The design of the gardens is inspired by the different meanings & roles of St Michael - creating ‘stations’ of St Michael the Archangel:

  • St Michael the healer (memorial garden)
  • St Michael the wild angel
  • St Michael the protector

It is also influenced by the context of a Victorian graveyard and the international community who have lived around the church. The overall form of the gardens’ layout is based around the shape and character of a feather, alluding to the feathered wings of St Michael the Archangel providing synergy throughout the site.

The construction of the project will take place after the eradication of Japanese Knotweed currently present in the grounds.